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Class 50:

 A ‘Wanted’   poster.      Age 8 years and under.

Class 51:

 A Sherriff’s Badge.      Age  8 yrs and under

Class 52:

 A Model of a Wigwam.  Age 8 yrs and under.

Class 53:

 A ‘Wanted’   poster.     Age  9 - 16 yrs.

Class 54:

 A Sherriff’s Badge.    Age 9 - 16 yrs

Class 55:

 A Model of a Wigwam.    Age  9 - 16 yrs.

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Results  -  Children’s Section:

Awards donated by Friskney Show.  (Awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.)

1st:    N. Pilkington

2nd:    W. Germaine

3rd:   L. Wilson - Leary

1st:    L. Wilson - Leary

2nd:    N. Pilkington

3rd:    C. Wilson

1st:     Christopher Wilson

2nd:     L. Wilson - Leary

3rd:     N. Pilkington

1st:     P. Scott

2nd:     A. Scott

3rd:     G. Baker

1st:      N. Blevins

2nd:     E. Braddock

3rd:      B. Mowbray

1st:      E. Braddock

2nd:      N. Blevins

3rd:      B. Mowbray