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Class 42:

Any piece of Patchwork no larger than 3ft square..

Class 43:

Any Knitted Item.

Class 44:

Any Crocheted Item.

Class 45:

Any other Sewn Item.

Class 46:

Any other Craft Item.

Class 47:

Any hand - made item of  Beadwork.

Class 48:

 ‘Indian Headdress.

Class 49:

A ‘Dream Catcher’.

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Results  -  Craft Section:.

PRIZE MONEY:  1st - £1.00; 2nd - 60p; 3rd - 40p in each class.

1st:     S. Tebb

2nd:     C. Lenton


1st:    Janice Baker

2nd:    S. Tebb

3rd:    P. Kirkham

1st:   S. Tebb

2nd:   S.  Tebb

3rd:   N. Shaw

1st:   B. Burrell

2nd:   C. Lenton

1st:   H. Blevins

2nd:   S. Tebb

3rd:   H. Blevins

1st:   S. Tebb

2nd:   S. Tebb

1st:    S. Tebb

2nd:   N. Shaw

3rd:   S. Tebb

1st:   S. Tebb

2nd:   S. Tebb

3rd:    Nola Shaw