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This month there are two issues in which you may be interested and are being consulted on as residents. They are the Greater Lincolnshire Devolution deal and the ELDC Local Plan. Both open for consultation for 6 weeks from 27th June 2016.

Devolution is about coming together with other district councils and the county council (Greater Lincolnshire) to make decisions at a local level, where previously those decisions on where funding was to spent have been made by central government. It will involve having a Mayor, but I will leave you to review the information for yourselves.

Consultation forms, and supporting documents are available from Customer Access Points, Libraries, Job Centres and Leisure Centres in East Lindsey and neighbouring areas. The consultation is also available at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/devolution. In addition, Lincolnshire County Council has included the consultation questions in the County News, and the consultation is ELDC’s lead story in the next e-Messenger.

The Local Plan document details the need for housing within our district. It should be of interest to residents because there are plots of land within the village that have been proposed for building several houses upon them. As local residents, we are aware of local issues with surface flooding, traffic problems etc and therefore your review and comments on the document and its proposals would be greatly appreciated. It is also available at Libraries and Customer Access Points, will be sent to parish councils for their comments and is also available online at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/localplan as well as being in the e-messenger sent out by ELDC if you are registered to receive it. You don't have to read about all the parishes within the plan, unless of course you want to, just search for Friskney! Your comments will be considered and where deemed appropriate may alter the plan, so please take a look.

I will be happy to help with any issues you have that you feel I may be of assistance with.

Please do not hesitate to email ( carleen.dickinson@e-lindsey.gov.uk ) or phone ( 01754 820890 ) but I would respectfully ask that you make calls between the hours of 9am and 8pm. Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Carleen Dickinson


Friskney Ward

The poster relating to a ‘Greater Lincolnshire’

CarleensPoster (Lincs).pdf