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Village Events

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Scarecrow Festival

1:  Entry Fee :- £4 . 00 / scarecrow which will be     collected by the organiser during the display     period.

2:  Scarecrows must be displayed in the front      gardens of entrants between the above  dates.


2: The judges must be able to see it from the road.

3: The winner will be announced at the Show on      Sunday 12th June.

Many villages around the country have very successful                                     

Scarecrow Festivals, this year it will be Friskney’s turn as one

has been organised to take place from Saturday 28th May to

Saturday 11th June.

There is still time to enter and make your scarecrow! (Currently

there are 26 entries, so some competition is expected.)

There will be  small entrance fee with ALL proceeds going towards

the Church roof fund.

To register an interest an e-mail account has been created at Friskney.scarecrow@outlook.com, or please ring Darren on

07811 420888 leaving your name, address and contact number / e-mail address.

A table has been booked at the show whereon photographs of the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be displayed, with the possibility of some highly commended entries.

In addition it is hoped that, space permitting, the winner and comment from the organiser and judges will appear in the Autumn edition of the Parish Magazine.