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Catering & Foodstuffs

Trades Directory

These pages provide a guide to the businesses that can be found in the village.  Businesses operated by village residents outside the village may also be listed, as well as those who offer services that may be of use to residents.  Many now have their own web site, and where that occurs a direct link may be requested. Beware that a listing on these pages is NO guarantee of the quality of service and standard offered and the publishers wish to make it clear that this responsibility lies with person(s) who avail themselves of said service(s).

Venue / Service

The Anchor

(Please see Public Houses)

01754 820212

Barley Mow

(Please see Public Houses)

01754 820883


01754 820369

Greenfield Bakery

07931 920931

Peter's Eden

01754 820733

Grandma's Pudding Co.

Dedicated Pudding & Tea Loaf Purveyors.

07899 953448


Norman Clow & Sons,

Vegetable Growers, Packers & Supplies,
Eaudyke Road, Friskney. PE22 8SE

01754 820666

Hideaway Farm

'Point-of-Lay' Chickens, Raw Goats Milk

01754 820000

Oaken Tearooms

Main Road, Friskney. PE22 8SE

01754 2561597