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Health Services

Health Trainers

Feel good about yourself

Small changes can make a


If you would like to contact a health trainer to make an appointment or to have a chat, please contact us on:

01205  315 926

Or E-mail.

What we do                        

As Health Trainers we:

Friendly and free              

Health Trainers are trained to help you tackle your particular health issue

The service is free, informal and confidential.

Get in touch for a chat.

What can we help you with                                   

We can help you with a wide range of issues which affect your health such as:

Healthy eating

Becoming more active

Weight measurement

Stopping or cutting down on smoking

Reducing alcohol intake

Building confidence

You take the lead, you are in charge                     

We can support you in leading a healthier lifestyle and

making choices how

want to do this.

We have time to listen:

sessions can last up to

an hour and we can see

you regularly.

You set your goals, we help you along the way