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Your Health, Your Care, Your Voice

Healthwatch Lincolnshire is your local champion, working to ensure quality, accessible health and social care is available for everyone in Lincolnshire.

This work is funded by the Department of Health and commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council who works closely with our local services.

Why is Healthwatch Lincolnshire

important to you?

You SPEAK, we LISTEN, we ACT and together change happens.

The power of the collective voice makes all the difference in helping to change our health and social care.

You may know of someone who has experienced abuse, neglect or malpractice while being cared for.

Share your experience with us in a confidential and independent  environment.

Together we can bring about change.

So what services does Healthwatch Lincolnshire want to hear about?

Any health and social care service you receive, this includes areas such as A & E Departments Ambulance Service, Care Homes, Day Centres, GPs, Home Care Support, Hospitals, Medical Centres, NHS Consultants, NHS Dentists, Opticians, Outpatient Services, Pharmacists, Special Care and Specialist Services.

How do you get involved?

Visit our website:


E - mail:



01205 820892

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