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Junior Football Club

The new under -12’s Youth Football team that has just started in the village.

An idea of Neil Morgan, who is the manager, to encourage and support the                               

up and coming football enthusiasts.

The team played in the Mid - Lincs County Youth League.

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Top Till Ltd

Tooley Lane, Wrangle, PE22 9BL

01205 871 365

The Barber’s Chair

Roman Bank, Skegness.

Lincs. PE25 2SG

Reports by Kathy Morgan

We have a few week’s gap now with half-term coming up, and our next match is at home on 15th November.

We have started some indoor training during the week at Skegness Grammar School, the evenings are getting quite dark and gloomy early and we will have even less light when the clocks change next week.


Latest Matches

For further information please contact:-

Neil Morgan, ‘Helden’, Chapel Lane, Friskney. PE22 8RX

E-mail:- friskneyjets@gmail.com