EU Referendum
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Some facts:

EU law controls UK immigration policy.  More than a quarter of a million people cam to the UK from the EU in the last 12 months - equivalent to a city the size of Newcastle.

The EU is growing. When we joined, there were 9 member states.  Now there are 28, the most recent being Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.  Five more countries are in the process of joining, including Turkey.

We pay about £350 million a week to the EU budget. That’s about the same as the cost of building a new NHS hospital every week, or hiring 600,000 nurses.  We get less than half that back.

If we vote ‘remain’ . . . The EU will continue to control migration, trade, VAT and security policies and a whole raft of measures.

If we Vote Leave . . . . We will take back control. We will stop sending £350 million of our Money to Brussels every week and instead spend it on projects like the NHS.  We will control our borders.  We will control our trade.  More importantly we will re-take our seats on international bodies where we will have more influence.

It’s safer to take back control than to keep giving

away power and money every year to the EU.

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