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Friskney Parish Council has a vacancy for a Litter Warden to start as soon as possible.  Applications are invited from suitable persons for this valuable village role.

You will be contracted for 2 hours per week with payment being made in line with the National Minimum Wage.

Further details can be obtained from the Parish Clerk on 07833 217430 or by e-mail

Written applications should be sent to the Parish Clerk at Eaudyke Lodge, Eaudyke Road, Friskney, Lincs, PE22 8RT.

Job Description


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Candidates are required to disclose in writing if they are related to any Parish Councillor or employee, deliberate failure to disclose this information disqualifies the candidate.

The purpose of the job is to provide an efficient service in keeping the central areas of the village clear of litter.  Main responsibilities include:-

to clear litter from Play Area, Sports Field, Village Hall Car Park and the surrounding areas (i.e. Yawling Gate Road, The Avenue, Church End, Church Road and Church Lane);

monitor litter bins in the above area’s and report problems to ELDC;

monitor recycling bins and report problems to ELDC;

liaise with ELDC Environmental Services concerning supplies and additional service requirements (e.g. road sweeper);

clearing broken glass from the recycling area;

any other tasks that may be required from time to time.