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Considering that Friskney and the surrounding area is extremely rural the population is well served with health services.

There are however, a number of schemes currently undergoing implementation to centralise operations.

This may in due course mean the movement of key services from ‘local’ hospitals to Lincoln or further afield.

At present there are two GP surgeries, one of which is a training and dispensing practice.

Two NHS and one Private hospitals are currently operational.  The private hospital does NHS work and patients can request their GP for a referral.

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Your Parish Nurses

Current health activities that we run include:

Thursday 1000 - 1200 walk-in clinic at Burgh Methodist Church

Friday 100 - 1200, walk-in clinic at Wainfleet Methodist Church

If you have an acute illness please contact your GP, or ring NHS Direct on 111 for advice.

We as Parish Nurses can offer you:-

Page up-dated 15 - 09 - 2016

The village now has a defibrillator fitted to the front wall of ‘The Anchor’ should anyone need it.

This was funded by a number of charity events organised by the ‘The Anchor’ team and some generous donations.

It’s up and running and connected to the Emergency Services.