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Flood Plan  -  Useful Links

This page provides some useful links to sites of both government departments and volunteer services that provide information on emergency situations, along with advice on how to cope.

Preparing for Emergencies

The home of government resources for individual and community resilience. As well as Emergency Planning, there are many internal links to other resources.

Environment Agency

Tel: 08708 506 506.  For information on environmental risk, including flood warnings.

British Red Cross

Tel: 0844 871 11 11.  For information on simple precautions that can be taken to prepare for a range of emergency situations, along with advice on how to cope when they do.

W.R.V.S.  (Women’s Royal Voluntary Service)

Tel: 0845 601 4670.  Information about the services that WRVS provide (including emergency response) across the UK.

St. John Ambulance Brigade

Tel: 0870 104 950.  For information about how first aid training can make a difference to people in an emergency.


Tel: 0300 1234 555. The RSPCA has put together some guidelines so that you can be prepared to get your animals to safety in the event of flooding.

Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network (RAYNET)

The UK’s national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs.

Informed, Prepared, Together.

A gateway to resources, information and practical tools for developing the ability of individuals, communities and organisations to be better prepared to cope with emergencies and disasters.

Information from H.M. Government.

Protecting Your Home.

This is a link to a page on the Directline web site and suggests many ways of protecting your home before, during and after a flood.  It is written from the perspective of an insurance company but the advice is good and worth comparing it with the cover you have.

Information from Directline.

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