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HELD ON WEDNESDAY 21st June 2017 AT 19 . 30


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Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings, any item they wish to be raised should be notified to the clerk on 07955 593 988 prior to the meeting date or before the meeting commences.


The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 19:30 in the Village Hall.




MANY of the paths are now overgrown with

grass, nettles and other weeds etc.  In many

Places transit of the paths is extremely difficult

and requires in a number of cases walking upon crops.

Some mowing has been done.


Various maintenance items were discussed including the pending replacement of the chairs, the clearing of moss from the roof and the repair of a window winder.

 The Caretaker has resigned due to poor health and a new Cleaner has been appointed.

 It was reported that ants have been found in the small meeting room.

 Police Matters

Wildmore Crescent parking was discussed

and it is to be reported to Inspector Haigh

at Wainfleet.




 Quotes for the fencing repairs have been requested.

 Replacement basketball nets are now ready to be installed.

 Bins were thrown over the fence and replacements may be needed and concreted in to prevent vandalism.


All Highways issues are now logged separately and a copy had been sent to Cnty Cllr Bowkett for action.  Highways have already advised that they were going to investigate the damaged speed limit signs along Lenton’s Lane, Low Road South and Patman’s Lane and are also considering resurfacing the collapsed section of Church Road.

 Approx. 6 black bags of household rubbish have been left along the verge of Patman’s Lane and sheets of asbestos have been reported along Fodderdyke Bank.

                              Are now offering an on-line news letter to keep                               residents informed of activities etc.

                              If you wish to receive a regular newsletter,                               please register by logging on to ‘ and follow the prompts.

You need  your e-mail address.


 Wainfleet Surgery is due to reopen in October for 3 days a week and will be managed by the Hawthorns.

 Grass cutting is being carried out as scheduled with road junctions being cut as often as is required for safety reasons.

 The River Steeping is now funded under a 4 year maintenance programme.

 Fodderdyke Bank has a 4 year plan to carry out required maintenance and Fen Bank remains closed for repairs to the verge/bank and it is hoped that some resurfacing works can be incorporated at the same time.

Top-dressing in our area:

A52: Wainfleet At. Mary - Friskney Eaudyke.

There will be 40 & 20mph restrictions in place and / or convoy system for traffic management.

Works to be carried out  between 10/04/17  to  8/9/17


Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction to all vehicular traffic on the road(s) detailed below. Adequate arrangements will be made to enable pedestrians to access premises in the affected area while works progress.

REASON FOR CLOSURE:  Essential maintenance works by Western Power Distribution

LOCATION: Wrights Lane (Between A52 & a point 200 metres Northwest)

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  1/6/2017 to 20/6/2017

(Closures to be implemented as & when required during this period,

signage detailing accurate dates & times will be displayed on site in advance)

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Field Lane, Lentons Lane & A52 Main Road


 With advertisements on notice boards and in the Parish Magazine, no enquiries have been received.


 A resident has asked if the Parish Council would purchase the telephone box on Eaudyke Road to house a defibrillator.  This will be discussed with BT.