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HELD ON WEDNESDAY 19th July 2017


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Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings, any item they wish to be raised should be notified to the clerk on 07955 593 988 prior to the meeting date or before the meeting commences.


The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 20th September 2017 at 19:30 in the Village Hall.


 Police Matters

PC Hunt is covering for PC Young who is on secondment.  The PCSO was joined by PC Hunt to investigate the parking issues at the Monday night auction.  Several drivers were spoken to and one ticket was issued.

 A breakdown of crime figures was given with 42 reports being made in April, 5 of which were in Friskney.




Quotes for the fencing repairs have been received and are being reviewed.


With the increasing number of visitors to the Wildlife Park, we have also seen an increase in littering.

 A street light on Low Road is permanently on and is to be reported.

 Two large potholes on Patman’s Lane were reported towards the junction with Skirmore Road.

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 A public consultation is underway in respect of the closure/refurbishment of the Livestock Market in Louth.

 The public space protection order has been approved and fines for non-compliance have been increased from £75 to £100.  The order comes into effect on 1st October 2017.


 With advertisements on notice boards and in the Parish Magazine, no enquiries have been received.



Most of the paths have now been mown , but several still remain to be mown.


 The meeting opened at 19:05 due to the early finish of the Finance Committee Meeting which means the Agenda order was altered to suit the attendees.


A letter from a Sea Lane resident was received requesting clarity around an old agreement he believes exists whereby farmers are obliged to use field roads rather than Sea Lane.  A letter is to be sent to relevant farmers asking them to use fields roads where possible and to ask their drivers to be mindful of their speed and residents property.

 Historic England have asked if Friskney War Memorial has specific architectural or historic interest and should be listed as such.  The Parish Council wish to retain responsibility for its maintenance within the Parish.

A contract from BT is being reviewed in respect of the purchase of the phone box on Eaudyke Road.

Please Note:

This section of the Friskney Village web site will be migrating to a dedicated location on the LCC website as do many other Parish Councils.   When this happens a link will be provided, and all other references to the Parish Council will be removed.

Road Closures:

The following information has been received from Highways relating to a road closure within the village.