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Standing Orders

All Standing Orders / Policies are subject to revision when necessary.

To enable the Council to operate efficiently and within a legal framework a number of ‘Standing Instructions’ have been formulated.  

The policies adopted by Friskney Parish Council are available as .pdf files on this page.  Just click on the icon to download the page(s).

Code of Practice:  (To follow)

This is a requirement of the new ‘Localism Act 2011’

Environmental Policy:

This policy was adopted by Friskney Parish Council to make a positive contribution to protecting and enhancing the local and global environment.

Equal Opportunities:

Friskney Parish Council adopted an equal opportunities policy to ensure that all job applications and employees are treated fairly and without favour or prejudice.

Grievance Policy:

To enhance good working practices and relationships the following grievance policy was adopted.

Risk Assessment:

Introduced in 2003, the new approach to audit seeks to address issues surrounding the risk a Parish Council faces in conducting it’s business.


Introduced April 2016, to ensure that Councillors / Clerks have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with current regulations etc.

It’s also a chance to meet with officers from other Parishes to compare practices etc.

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EnvironmentPol.pdf EqualOppor.pdf Grievance.pdf RiskAss.pdf