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Poultry & Small Animal Section:

Class 1:

   Pure bred Hen (Large)

Class 2:

   Pure bred Cockerel (Large)

Class 3:

  Prettiest Hen  (Large)

Class 4:

  Most Handsome Cockerel (Large)

Class 5:

  Duck (Large)

Class 6:

 Pure bred Hen (Bantam)

Class 7:

 Pure bred Cockerel (Bantam)

Class 8:

  Prettiest Hen (Bantam)

Class 9:

  Most Handsome Cockerel (Bantam)

Class 10

  Duck (Small)

Class 11:

  Any other feathered friend.

Class 12:

 Most Lovable Rabbit.

Class 13:

 Most Gorgeous Guinea Pig.

Class 14:

 Any other small furry friend.

Class 15:

 One (1) Chicken egg. (To be judged on content.)

Class 16:

Three (3) Chicken eggs. (To be judged on shape & size.)

Class 17:

 One (1) Duck egg. (To be judged on content.)

Class 18:

  Three (3) Duck eggs. (To be judged on shape and size.)

PRIZE MONEY:  1st - £1.00; 2nd - 60p; 3rd - 40p in each class.

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