Village Show
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Friskney Village Show for 2018 was again blessed with fine

weather, although it may have been a little breezy at times, but fortunately there was no rain to dampen spirits.

There was a special theme this year – that of to ‘To Make

a Scarecrow’, which much to the organisers relief proved

to be quite popular.  

Visitors to the hall were met with a phalanx of scarecrows

which showed off the ingenuity and imagination of the

exhibitors. (Enough to scare many a crow!)

As a change this section also included a corporate or club section.  In fact this was surprisingly popular so something similar to this may feature in future years.

Inside the hall, as always the exhibitors standard was of it’s usual high standard, and as a layman it was difficult to see how the judges were able to make their decisions. For example, to me at least, a flower is something that has green leaves, blooms and in most cases has a nice scent.

Numerous exhibits were on show around the field including this early Austin(?).

                                               I seem to recall when I first started driving                                                road tax was something I the region of

                                               £12.10.0p! A different story today.                                      

The winner in ‘A Rural Scene’ section of the Art and Photography section was was Hazel Helliwell with this colourful view of a hard-working field gang performing a round the year task of planting cabbage.

Tony Jarvis took second place with a very important task that takes place at this time of the year – that of pollination of our food crops by the many myriad of beneficial insects with a pair of Apis mellifera, (European Honey Bee) taking full advantage of a thistle head.


Village Show 2018

Section Winners

Scarecrow Competition

Class 39: Under 16  -  Nancy Pilkington

Class 40: Over 16  -  Elaine Payne

Class 41: Organisation or Club

Friskney Women’s Institute

Section Winners:

Art & Photography  -  Janet Pilkington

Flowers & Plants  -  Elizabeth Burbridge

Cookery  -  Pauline Kirkham

Craft  -  Susan Shaw

Show Cup Winner 2018

Pauline Kirkham

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Does anyone remember having their milk delivered by a dog-cart?

Some of the entertainment was provided by the Bannovallum Brass Band from Horncastle. Rather a hot day for all that puff.

Next Year’s show for your diary is Sunday June 9th.