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Currently there are a number of Sports clubs in the village, all with very active programmes, some of which by nature of the sport are seasonal.

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Swimming Lessons:

Sue Wilson - 01754 820282

Friskney Bowling Club:


President: Neil Salmon - 820370.  Vice - President: Bert Crofts - 820296

Visit their web site for more Information.

Yoga Class

Friday mornings during school term time 0915 to 1030.

ALL welcome. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Mats available should you need one.

Cost 3.50 per class.  Start your weekend the right way, chilled out.

Sports Clubs

Please see also the pages for Yoga and Tai Chi for more specialist information.

Friskney Bowmen:

The ‘Friskney Bowmen’ are a long - established club on the east coast of

England who meet regularly on Wednesday & Thursday evenings from

1830 to 2130.

In winter they use the Village Hall.

They have their own web site which provides much more information.

Friskney Football Club:

The Football Club is a member of the Friskney Sports Association.

Matches are usually played on Saturday afternoons, the home venue being the             

sports field adjacent to the village hall.

Additional players are needed, BUT you must be 16 years old and over.

For more information, please contact Pete Holland:- 820300