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This page is available for clubs, societies and others to report on activities of interest to the village and our residents.

Please note that if the page or information is to be compiled, then supply text as .txt files and photos as .jpeg format.

If you already have posters etc. then these are acceptable as .pdf files to download, preferably in ‘web normal’ profile.

Village News

Frischenei to Friskney - a recent Quiz organised by the local W.I.

My this got the brain working, only mine wasn’t.  When you see the answers everything falls into place (usually), just like that crossword that you can’t do on Sunday, but by Monday you can.

The lucky prize winners are as follows:-

1st:-  Mrs. S. Lewis - Fresh Fitness Voucher

2nd:-  Mr. D. Holmes - £20 voucher

3rd:-   Mr. M. Holmes - £10 voucher

President Margaret Parker presenting ‘Sid’ Lewis with her voucher.

“On behalf of the Centenary Committee we’d like to thank everyone who bought the quiz and took part.  The funds raised will go towards the Summer Jamboree next year, a free event for all the village.”

For those who would like to know the answers they can be found below.

Just ‘click’ on the icon to view the file.

The Quiz - to remind you!

The Quiz - the answers.

References used in compiling the quiz.

FriskneyQuiz11.pdf FriskneyQuiz11ANSWERS.pdf FriskneyQuiz Reference List.pdf