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This page is available for clubs, societies and others to report on activities of interest to the village and our residents.

Village News

February, apart from being the shortest month

of the year is also the month in which Shrove

Tuesday falls.

We associate that with 'Pancakes', but that food

 item has been around since the Bronze & Iron


With the rise of Christianity it has been absorbed

into the calendar to provide an opportunity to use

 up diary and wheat products before the

beginning of the festival of Lent.

To celebrate this event our local W.I. Recently

organised a 'Pancake Race', primarily to raise

funds for their 100th anniversary which falls in 2018.

As well as the races themselves – Yes, some of the Mums joined in as well – Well Done you!

Pancake Race Day

Lining up for the start.

There was of course traditional games including 'Splat The Rat', a 'Tombola, and a 'PancakeTossing' Competition, but the most eye-catching stall was magnificent 'Candy Cart'

The kitchen was kept busy supplying teas, coffee, cakes, pancakes of course and bacon buns.

Those who came thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the prize winners went home well satisfied.

Next Event is a Jumble Sale on 25th March

The Motley Crew - well done everyone!


Pancake Races

Age Group 4 - 8 Medal Winners

LJ Singh

Millie Wood

Kayla Oberzholer

Kieron Oberzholer

Bell Bradley

Rhian Cox

Age Group 9 - 11

Oliver Cox

Big Boys & Girls

Laura Sanders

Lindsay Bradley

Friskney Flipper

Age Group 4 - 8

Millie Wood

Age Group 9 - 11

Oliver Cox

Big Boys & Girls Dummy

Noah Blevins