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Awaiting Report

Women’s Institute

Monthly meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month in Friskney Village Hall at 7 . 30pm.  Visitors are always welcome.

Affiliated to Lincolnshire North Federation of Women’s Institutes.

Member of the Marshwood Group of W.I.’s


President:   Pauline Kirkham

Vice-Presidents: Maureen Holmes & Jenny Terry  

Secretary:   Helen Martley


Sid Lewis, Margaret Rushworth, Sally Hall,

 Celia Digby, Lesley Padoin, Jackie Stokes


For more information please go to the groups

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Friskney Women's Institute

July Meeting  REPORT

A return visit by John Teanby, gave us a detailed history of the evolution of teapots.  He demonstrated the art of making one on his potter’s wheel.  It was fascinating to see how it took shape, and we learnt that the spout has to be put on slightly crooked, as it straightens out in the kiln.

The latest resolution has been discussed, which concerns cervical screening.  This can save around 5,000 lives every year, but attendance is currently at its lowest ever level, for which there could be several reasons:-

 (a)  lack of knowledge about cervical cancer and the purpose of the screening

 (b)  fear of pain

 (c)  fear that the test will result in a diagnosis of cancer

HPV primary screening has been introduced, with text messaged reminders.  The possibility of using a home-based self sample is also being considered in a UK National Committee consultation, together with changes in HPV vaccinations to include boys.  It is hoped that these changes will mean that, in the future, nobody should die of cervical cancer, the symptoms of which are not always obvious until it has reached an advanced stage.  Attendance at cervical screening appointments is vital.

 The raffle was won by Frances Macdonald.

Programme  2019 / 2020

9th July

Talk on Teapots & demonstration -

John Teanby

13th August

Summer Bar-B-Que

10th September

Poppy making and nibbles

8th October

Special Edition Chocolate -

Alan Dixon

12th November

Skegness Town Crier -

Steve O'Dare

10th December


2020 Programme

14th January

Drum Circle -

Phil Watson

11th February

Me and EWE -

Dr. Mike Morgan

10th March

Annual Meeting

14th April

Corn Dollies -

Angela Riley

Formed December 1918

‘Flower of the Month’

1st:-    Liz Burbridge

2nd:-   Hilary Jarvis

3rd:-    Celia Digby

For a ‘A Piece of Pottery’.

1st:-      Sally Hall

2nd:-    Pam Middleton

3rd:-     Julie Chapman

Monthly Competitions